Danner Supreme Oxy-Flo Air Pumps

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Low energy consuming air pumps to drive Cube- and Jetlifter-based filters.

$15.00 – AP-3 Air Pump
100 L/h for 1 Outlet

$24.00 – AP-4 Air Pump
270 L/h for 2 Outlets

$32.00 – AP-8 Air Pump
540 L/h for 4 Outlets

Air Pump Model


High volume air pumps using a time-proven diaphragm design for large tanks or fishroom installations with larger air requirements.

$119.00 – AP-20 Air Pump
1,680 L/h for ~10-20 Outlets*

$149.00 – AP-40 Air Pump temp out.
2,820 L/h for ~20-30 Outlets*

$179.00 – AP-60 Air Pump
5,400 L/h for ~40-60 Outlets*

$229.00 – AP-100 Air Pump
9,000 L/h for ~60-80 Outlets*

*Note: the exact number of outlets that can be served depends on length of airlines, connection plumbing, water depths, and type of Jetlifter, air stone, or other gadgets used.

Air Pump Model

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