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BetterBoxFilter side viewBetterBoxFilter topThe BetterBoxFilter™ can be filled with various filter media* to suit different needs and works in tanks from ~10-150 gal, depending on bioload and media type added. Essentially an efficient box filter, but larger than the small clear plastic types on the market and made only with long-lasting quality parts.
For smaller tanks up to ~30 gal it works as the sole filter. For larger tanks it should be combined with other filters or used for a specific function such as phosphate removal to curb an algae bloom.

*Recommended media fills
To remove fine particulates:
sera® Crystal Clear 6 pcs. for 100-150 L
To create black water:
sera® super peat 250 g for 150 L
To remove toxic substances or medications:
sera® super carbon 250 g for 500 L
To stimulate fast waste processing:
sera® siporax® mini 270 g for 200 L
To stimulate phosphate processing:
sera® siporax® bio active 210 g for 400 L


$34.00 – 4x4x8″ BBF 6-inch JL
$36.00 – 4x4x8″ BBF 10-inch JL
The BBF includes the box, 6-inch or 10-inch small jetlifter with intake strainer, and 4x4x4″ Poret 30 PPI black block.
Options include various sera® Filter Media in a package deal (see below).

BetterBoxFilter 6-inch JL & sera media

BetterBoxFilter 10-inch JL & sera media

The BetterBoxFilter™ was designed here at SwissTropicals! Customers often asked about an option to use specialty media such as carbon, peat, various bio media, or buffering stone in our filters. While Mattenfilter and Cornerfilter can accommodate various media behind the sheet in a media bag, the flow through them is not always optimal.
So we went to work with our local supplier that makes our TBF filterbase here in Minnesota to produce the BetterBoxFilter™. I prefer the fewest parts possible but made in excellent quality. We made an injection-molded black food-grade polypropylene (PP) box, combined with a custom-made Jetlifter, and our proven Poret® foam. The resulting 3-piece BetterBoxFilter™ has no moving parts and is air-driven. The BBF requires ~50 L/h of air to move ~200 L/h water.
BetterBoxFilter overviewBetterBoxFilter bottom

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