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The Cornerfilter is among the most effective filters for aquariums since it is a sleek descendant of the Mattenfilter. The large internal volume and intake surface, the ease of maintenance (essentially none), and the long lifespan of the Poret® filter foam make them superior to other filtration methods. Read more about Cornerfilter.

Cornerfilter2Cornerfilter design & optionsCornerfilter bracesStep-by-step installation of a Cornerfilter:
1) Wipe the area clean with denatured cleaning ethanol from the hardware store diluted with water.
2) Mark the brace positions 4-8″ away depending on the size of your Cornerfilter from the corner on the outside of the tank with a permanent marker (so you can wipe it off after installation).
3) Lay the tank on its side for gluing. Dry-fit the brace first, so you know it fits. If the silicone seam at the bottom prevents a close fit, move the brace towards the top. Then take the brace out.
4) Put a bead of silicone on the short side of the brace and glue it in. Hold it for a minute, it usually sticks then. Let the silicone cure for at least 6 h. Then glue in the other brace. If you smear silicone anywhere by accident, wipe it off with ethanol immediately.
5) To create clean seams put another bead of silicone on each side of the braces and smoothen with one swipe using a finger. Make sure you silicone the bottom end tightly, so that the braces cannot swing like a hinge, especially when they do not touch the bottom. Clean seams prevent algae from growing into the seams and give it a neat look. Let cure for at least 24 h before you fit the foam; otherwise, the pressure could move the braces.
6) Bend the foam into the corner, and cut a groove where you want to place the Jetlifter. It is important that you cut the groove when the foam is bent, otherwise it will become too wide on the outside radius.
7) Ready to go! Place the heater or other equipment in the space behind the corner, so it is out of sight. Now you have a neat filter that will run for many years. Rather than taking the Cornerfilter out for rinsing, just occasionally vacuum off the front with a hose when you do water changes.
Summary: For ~2 hours of setup work you save countless hours of dismantling power, canister, sponge, or hang-on-back filters, cleaning out pump drives and hoses, and buying new media all the time. Moreover, you will not have a sponge filter sitting in the middle of the tank. Simplicity that works!

Cornerfilter pricing:

X-Small: $1.40/inch of height for braces and foam
1.5” Poret® 6.5” wide with 20×8 mm braces. Braces are spaced 4” away from corner.

Small: $1.50/inch of height for braces and foam
2” Poret® 7.75” wide with 20×8 mm braces. Braces are spaced 5” away from corner.Cornerfilter small with brace

Medium: $2.00/inch of height for braces and foam
2” Poret® 9.75” wide with 20×8 mm braces. Braces are spaced 6″ away from corner.Cornerfilter medium with brace

Large:  $3.50/inch of height for braces and foam
3” Poret® 13” wide with 38 x 6.35 mm/1.5 x ¼” braces. Braces are spaced 8″ away from corner. Check out the Cornerfilter options as a pdf.

Halfmoonfilter pricing:

Halfmoon-Filter pricing for braces and foam is double the cost of a cornerfilter of the same size. Note: I do not supply the glass pane in the middle of the halfmoon filter as plate glass is difficult to ship. Good sources are Ace hardware or many local glass shops, they can cut it to size and sand the edges. For up to 12″ tall request so-called double strength window glass (3 mm) and for larger tanks use 1/4″ glass.

For ordering, please:
1) Measure the inside height from the glass bottom to the underside of the plastic frame.

2) Email me the tank size and the inside height measurement, as well as which color and porosity (PPI) you would like.

3) I will quote you a custom Cornerfilter for your tank with Jetlifter™, Poret® foam, glass braces, and optionally a 10.1 oz tube of silicone ($8.00; fits standard caulk gun).

4) I will send you a PayPal invoice for the order, which you can pay with PayPal or any credit card.
Silicone GE I

I use GE Silicone I All Purpose 100% Silicone GE012A, which is compliant for incidental food contact under FDA 21 CFR177.2600 “Rubber articles intended for repeated use.”

Note: The braces need to cover the whole height, so the water does not bypass the foam. However, make sure they fit; you cannot easily trim off ¼” from a glass brace if it is too long. Glass braces are much better than any plastic or metal, since silicone does not bond to plastic or metal long term. Moreover, the all-transparent look makes it really look slick.CornerfilterCornerfilter layoutHalfmoonfilter layout

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