Poret® Filter Cartridge

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Our foam filter cartridges are foam blocks with a vertical hole bored all the way through. They can be used as prefilters, replacement for ATI hydro sponges, to make cubefilters, with a powerhead as internal power filters, etc. Thus, these cartridges are very rugged and have a very long lifespan.

PPI = pores per inch: 25/30 PPI = medium;

Foam cartridges


Length x width x height / hole size
1.0 cm=0.4″/2.5 cm=1.0″
$20.00 – 4x4x19.5″ with 1.0 cm hole 25 PPI
$20.00 – 4x4x19.5″ with 2.5 cm hole 25 PPI
$25.00 – 5x5x19.5″ with 2.5 cm hole 25 PPI
$30.00 – 6x6x19.5″ with 2.5 cm hole 30 PPI

Cartridge options LxWxH / hole size

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