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The key factor in biological water treatment is maximum contact between the microorganisms and the water to be treated. In nature, phytoplankton and bacterioplankton often swim freely suspended in the aqueous phase and absorb nutrients, thereby filtering the water. In aquaria, ponds, or aquaculture, this phenomenon is not desired because it causes turbidity.Poret-aqua

Poret®aqua is a floating carrier media for high-performance biological filtration. Filter microorganisms colonize its internal and external structure and interact with the water. Poret®aqua can be used in any filter type but is especially suitable for fluidized bed configurations in aquaculture and sumps but also for any wastewater treatment applications. The buoyancy of the cubes is achieved by carefully engineering the pore size and density of the resin.

The cubes float and continuously bump into each other, which makes part of the biofilm covering the foam sloughing off. The sloughed-off biofilm regrows at an exponential rate, which leads to superior performance when it comes to nitrification and denitrification. For very high-performance such as aquaculture and hatcheries, the media is supported by injecting air into the filter vessel. With ~1,600 m2/mPoret®aqua is at least twice as space-efficient as other suspension media such as Kaldnes®K1 with 800 m2/m3. Vastly superior to any bioball-type media with 3-20x greater effective surface for trickle towers, bead, barrel, sump, or canister filters.

Our Aqua®Sump is a simple design for its use:Aqua-sump

Poret®aqua is a brand product made by our partner EMW® Filtertechnik GmbH in Diez, Germany. SwissTropicals, LLC is the sole agent and exclusive distributor for this specialty media in North America.

Poret-aqua cube

Poret®aqua Cubes
Poret® polyether open-cell filter foam, cube size 25 mm/1 inch, 45 PPI purple, buoyant.

$12.00 – 1 Gallon
$42.00 – 1/2 Cubic Foot
$72.00 – 1 Cubic Foot

Volume (1 cubic ft = 7.48 gal)

Mixed Poret Cubes
Mixed Poret® Cubes
Various colors and PPI mixed.

$6.00 – 1 Gallon
$20.00 – 1/2 Cubic Foot
$35.00 – 1 Cubic Foot

Volume (1 cubic ft = 7.48 gal)

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