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sera-crystal-clearsera-crystal-clear 350 g

NEW: sera® Crystal Clear
$12.00 – 12 pcs. for 360 L/95 gal
$75.00 – 350 g for 6,000 L/1,500 gal


sera Crystal Clear is a high performance filter medium for mechanical filtration. The innovative and patented 3-D fiber structure very quickly removes even smallest particles above 10 µm (such as floating algae or sludge). For an informative video go to sera crystal clear demo by Dieter Untergasser.

Unlike common filter wool, the filter balls keep their shape and can be washed out several times. The high performance filter medium is suitable for both freshwater and marine aquariums and all filter types. The biological filter medium sera siporax Professional is the perfect addition to sera crystal clear Professional.

Sera phosvec 500 g

NEW: sera phosvec Granulate
$16.00 – 500 g
$45.00 – 3x 500 g


sera phosvec Granulate for phosphate removal. The important plant nutrient phosphate is required only in small amounts. An over-supply creates algae problems. sera phosvec Granulate removes phosphate permanently, easily and safely. The granules remain active for up to three months, depending on aquarium size and water pollution. Suitable for filtration of fresh and marine aquariums. 1 g phosvec binds 25 mg of phosphate, so to remove 5 mg/L in a 100 L tank would require 20 g phosvec.

sera floredepotsera floredepot 10.4 lbsera floreground

sera® Plant Substrates

sera floredepot
$12.00 – 5.3 lb Bucket
$20.00 – 10.4 lb Bucket

sera floreground
$35.00 – 1x 2 L/2 qt Bucket
$95.00 – 3x 2 L/2 qt Buckets

Substrate Type

sera floredepot is placed underneath the actual sand or gravel when setting up the aquarium. The balanced blend of sand, peat, essential nutrients, and trace elements allows plants to grow on quickly. The plants are supplied with nutrients during the first phase (4 – 6 weeks). The formation of strong roots is supported by the special structure of the floredepot.

sera floreground permits passive aeration of the planting substrate, which maximizes filtration activity in the soil layer. Due to its consistency, it prevents anaerobe zones from forming.

sera florena 250 mlsera florenette

sera Plant Foods
$10.00 – sera florena 250 ml
$12.00 – sera florenette 50 Tb

Fertilizer Type

sera florena is the ideal care product for aquatic plants that take up nutrients mainly through the leaves. Aquatic plants are very important, as they consume nutrients from the water and compete against algae. sera florena provides aquatic plants with all important minerals and trace elements for healthy and colorful growth. Deficiencies are avoided without burdening the water with excess nutrients. Furthermore, the new improved formula contains innovative, particularly stable iron complexes that remain available even when using a UV-C sterilizer.

sera florenette is the ideal care product for aquatic plants that take up nutrients mainly through the roots. The bottom tablet provides aquatic plants with all important minerals and trace elements for healthy and colorful growth. The special formulation ensures lasting, even and extensive supply, in particularly with iron. Natural growth enhancers ensure a true growth boost, which makes the starting phase much easier. Algae have no chance to multiply due to better growth of the plants.

These sera plant foods contain no nitrate or phosphate, and are well tolerated by all invertebrates. The combination of sera florena and sera florenette is perfectly balanced and fulfills all requirements of aquatic plant species.

Sera Super Peat

sera super peat

$12.00 – 1x 500 g for 100-250 Liter
$30.00 – 3x 500 g for 300-750 Liter


Perfect for breeding blackwater species such as Apistogramma, Cardinal Tetras, or various Killifish. Highly concentrated peat pellets slowly release humic acid into the water. Can be used in any filter or directly added to the aquarium in a nylon bag. The media is also a great substrate for leaf litter species and acid loving plants.

sera super carbon

sera super carbon

$9.00 – 250 g for 500 Liter
$25.00 – 1000 g for 2000 Liter


sera super carbon removes medications quickly, effectively, and without any side effects and pH neutrally. By using carbon pellets, these sometimes environmentally dangerous substances can be disposed with the domestic waste. sera super carbon is also suitable to counter acute fish toxicity (e.g. chemicals from unsuitable decoration, over dosages etc.), as well as for removing municipal water contamination and water tints.

Sera biofibres coarse 40 gSera biofibres coarse 400 g

sera biofibres

$6.00 – 1x 40 g/0.25 gal fine biofibres
$30.00 – 1x 400 g/2.5 gal coarse biofibres
$15.00 – 3x 40 g/0.25 gal fine biofibres
$80.00 – 3x 400 g/2.5 gal coarse biofibres


Filter media to increase the biological efficacy of canister filter. Suitable for filtration of fresh, marine, and pond water. Excellent spawning medium and hiding place for fish fry from livebearers, rainbowfishes, and others.

Sera siporax mini 270 gSera siporax professional 1000 mlsiporax algovecsera bio activeSera siporax professional 10 L

sera siporax® media

$18.00 – siporax mini
270 g for 200 Liter
$24.00 – siporax prof
1000 ml for 200 Liter
$169.00 – siporax prof
10 L for 2000 Liter
$14.00 – siporax algovec
210 g for 600 Liter
$14.00 – siporax bio active
210 g for 400 Liter

Media type

The structure of sera siporax® is open-pored and three dimensional. This structure allows the formation of very effective biofilms that grow into the pores and walls. The biofilm also breaks down nitrate (denitrification) deep within the pore structure where oxygen levels are lower. Not only nitrifying and denitrifying microorganisms grow in the biofilm but also those that break down organic matter. Therefore, the pores do not clog. The biofilm grows and shrinks according to the bioload and thus adapts to the requirements. sera siporax® Professional filter material cleans itself biologically. The pore structure is perfect for being settled by bacteria and archeae.
NEW: siporax algovec removes algae nutrients – in particular phosphate – and is therefore effective against algae using the nutrient competition principle. Algae growth is inhibited and the algae population is lastingly reduced.
NEW: siporax bio active Pollutant utilizing bacteria remove pollutants such as ammonium and nitrite. Sludge is decomposed faster, and thus the critical pollutants are quickly rendered harmless. The biological equilibrium is stabilized and maintenance intervals become longer.

Supplied with a handy net bag to be placed into canisters, sumps, or behind Matten- and Cornerfilters.

siporax professionalsiporax structuresiporax with bacteria

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