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sera-marin-stream-pumpsera Stream Pump for freshwater and marine aquariums above ~100 L/25 gal. This energy saving and compact pump (28 W, max. 8,000 L/h or 2,113 gal/h) creates flow in the aquarium similar to nature for plecos, loaches, danios but also corals and invertebrates.

sera Stream Pump

$49.00 – sera Stream SPM 8000

Water does not only transport heat, oxygen, and carbon dioxide but also waste products. Flow allows filters and skimmers to work more efficiently. The SPM 8000 can be safely attached to the aquarium glass with the included suction cup with clamping lever. The ball joint on the suction cup provides the pump with an excellent operating range. sera Stream Pump Manual

Sera Heater 25W

sera Heaters

Quality heaters, accurate, easy to use, and well protect!

$18.00 – 25 W
$19.00 – 75 W
$20.00 – 100 W


sera ectopursera toxivec

sera First Aid Supplies
$8.00 – ectopur 130 g
$10.00 – toxivec 250 ml

First Aids

sera ectopur is an oxygen releasing salt blend for treating cases of transport stress and injuries, and effectively supports the treatment against external diseases in fish (ectoparasites, bacterial and fungal infections). The oxygen has a purifying effect and alleviates breathing difficulties, while the salt stimulates the restoration of mucous membranes and thus supports fending off pathogens.

sera toxivec immediately removes ichthyotoxic ammonia, nitrite, chlorine, and chloramines. It binds heavy metals such as lead and copper, and lowers nitrate levels and, correspondingly, reduces algae growth.

I keep these band aids handy in my fishroom!

sera-quick test strips

sera Quick Test

$18.00 – 50 Test Strips

Super easy to read and much quicker than drop tests. For day-to-day testing these lab quality strips are sufficiently accurate to test whether the pH is dropping because the KH is exhausted and a water change is necessary. NO2 and NO3 measurements give instant results in an emergency. Dip in the tank for a second, wait 1 min and read the results. I use these in my fishroom regularly.

sera breeding container

sera Breeding Container

$8.00 – sera breeding container

The sera Breeding Container is 2.5 liters (0.6 gal.) large and thus provides a large swimming space for fry, which is essential for rapid and healthy growth. With a small quantity of sera biofibres it is also very suitable as a spawning container or refugium for injured fish.

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