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Synfil® and Poret®Carbon aqua are brand products made by our partner EMW® Filtertechnik GmbH in Diez, Germany. SwissTropicals, LLC is the sole agent and exclusive distributor for these media in North America. Read more about the Poret® filter foam. Material Data Safety Sheet MSDS Poret®Carbon aqua.

Poret CarbonPoret Carbon EMWPoret® filter foam impregnated with activated carbon (approx. 0.1 g/cm^3 =  1.64 g/cubic inch) equals about 1,500 square meter of surface per cubic inch of foam. Ideal for recovering medicated tanks or during the cycling phase, when the biofilms are not yet fully active. For example, Poret®Carbon aqua absorbs about 17 mg of NH3 per gram of activated carbon. Also removes discolorations and odors from the water. The impregnation maximizes the effective surface area of the filter medium without increasing its volume. The result: highly effective cleaning of aquarium and pond water.

Poret®Carbon aqua 1.2″/30 mm in 20 PPI
$20.00 – 9×9″ Sheet
$26.00 – 13×13″ Sheet
$40.00 – 19.5×13″ Sheet
$56.00 – 19.5×19.5″ Sheet
$52.00 – 26×13″ Sheet
$80.00 – 26×19.5″ Sheet
$220.00 – 39×39″ Sheet
Custom sizes available.

NEW: Poret®KarboKube
~1.2″ Cubes in 20 PPI
$25.00 – Half gallon
$45.00 – Full gallon

Size in inches

SynfilSynfil® is a non-woven filter fleece sold by the square foot, max 6′ wide by any length. An inexpensive alternative to the synthetic filter pads found in many filters. Synfil® is easily cut with scissors.

0.75″ Synfil® Filter Mat
$5.00 – per square foot.

Number of sq ft
Req Size: e.g. 2’x3’=6 sq ft

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