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sera GVG-Mix

$8.00 – 250 ml/2.1 oz


sera GVG-Mix is the delicious blend of carefully manufactured flakes and freeze-dried whole food animals. The flakes fulfill the dietary requirements, while the food animals provide welcome variation. The food is particularly rich in trace elements and prevents deficiencies. Fertility and disease resistance are supported. Due to the excellent digestibility and water stability GVG-Mix does not pollute the water.

Sera Sturgeon Chips

sera Sturgeon Chips are carefully processed sinking chips for feeding bigger carnivorous bottom fish such as sturgeons, but they are eagerly taken by larger carnivorous catfish, plecos, cichlids, bichirs, stingrays, knifefish, etc. just to name a few.

sera Sturgeon Chips have proven to be very attractive to the fish in my hatchery.


sera Sturgeon Chips

$35.00 – 3800 ml/3.7 lb


The high percentage of omega fatty acids, easily digestible aquatic protein, minerals, and vitamins covers the high energy requirements and strengthens disease resistance of these carnivores. Proper development and a long, healthy life are supported. These extremely water stable chips sink down quickly without clouding the water.



sera ImmunPro 1.5 mm

$12.00 – 250 ml/3.9 oz
$35.00 – 1000 ml/15.5 oz
$149.00 – 10 L/8.8 lb

sera ImmunPro Mini 0.6 mm

$14.00 – 250 ml/4.2 oz
$39.00 – 1000 ml/1.1 lb
$159.00 – 10 L/11.9 lb


sera ImmunPro & ImmunPro Mini are newly developed slowly sinking breeder pellets for all aquarium fish. The probiotics are applied to the food in a particularly gentle procedure and stabilize their intestinal flora. This ensures reduced water pollution because of more efficient food utilization. High in protein (~54%) and mannan oligosaccharide (MOS), Haematococcus, and Spirulina, the breeder food ensures quick growth, strong development, and brilliant coloration of your fish, while using much less food. The strengthened animals become sick less frequently and water pollution by ichthyotoxic and algae-supporting waste products (N+P) is reduced. ImmunPro also contains the intestinal flora stabilizer Bacillus subtilis, which is approved for ornamental fish by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

My first testing series shows very promising results and this food is becoming my fishroom staple. Highly recommended!

sera catfish chips

sera Catfish Chips
New lower pricing!

$5.00 – 100 ml/1.3 oz
$10.00 – 250 ml/3.3 oz
$28.00 – 1000 ml/13.4 oz
$99.00 – 4x 1000 ml/13.4 oz


Many suckermouth plecos (Loricariids) consume wood along with their diet that positively influences the digestion process. sera Catfish Chips was designed with wood fibers exactly for this purpose. Highly recommended!

sera Vipachips

sera Vipachips
New lower pricing!

$10.00 – 250 ml/3.1 oz
$27.00 – 1000 ml/13 oz
$95.00 – 4x 1000 ml/13 oz


sera Vipachips is a bottom food consisting of carefully manufactured chips with very high acceptance. Highly recommended!

sera catfish XXL

sera Catfish Tabs XXL
New lower pricing!

$12.00 – 250 ml/4.2 oz
$30.00 – 1000 ml/14.8 oz
$105.00 – 4x 1000 ml/14.8 oz


sera Catfish Tabs XXL is an XXL tablet food for bigger catfish (e.g. Plecos) and other bottom fish but also livebearers. The tabs can also be attached to the aquarium glass for fascinating opportunities to observe your animals. The high amount of Spirulina (21%) with many mineral and vital substances supports digestion, color development, and health.

Sera-o-nip 250 mlSera-spirulina-tabs 100 mlSera-plankton-tabs 100 mlSera-Viformo 250 ml

sera Tablet Foods

$20.00 – O-Nip 250 ml/265 Tb
$99.00 – O-Nip 1.4 kg/2150 Tb Lower price!

$12.00 – Spirulina 100 ml/100 Tb
$99.00 – Spirulina 1.4 kg/2150 Tb Lower price!

$12.00 – Plankton 100 ml/275 Tb
$99.00 – Plankton 1.3 kg/5500 Tb Lower price!

$5.00 – Viformo 50 ml/130 Tb
$9.00 – Viformo 100 ml/258 Tb
$19.00 – Viformo 250 ml/640 Tb
$99.00 – Viformo 1.4 kg/5400 Tb Lower price!

sera Tablet Foods

O-Nip treat with freeze-dried krill, bloodworms, and Tubifex.
Spirulina Tabs particularly high in Spirulina algae (27%).
Plankton Tabs Plankton and Spirulina make this food particularly valuable.
Viformo staple food enriched with Gammarus and algae.

Sera-o-nipSera-spirulina-tabsSera-plankton-tabssera viformo

Sera-discus-granulat 250 ml

sera Discus Granules

$10.00 – 250 ml/3.9 oz
$30.00 – 1000 ml/1.1 lb
$99.00 – 10 L/9.2 lb


sera Discus Granules is a staple food consisting of carefully manufactured soft granules for all discus fish (including juveniles) and other picky aquarium fish. When moist the sinking granules quickly become soft without losing their shape, thus preventing water pollution.

sera-vipagran-250-mlvipagran babysera guppy gransera bettagran

sera Premium Granules

sera Vipagran
$8.00 – 250 ml/2.8 oz
$20.00 – 1000 ml/10.5 oz
$89.00 – 10 L/6.6 lb

sera Vipagran Baby
$7.00 – Baby 100 ml/1.6 oz
$75.00 – Baby 2000 ml/2.4 lb

sera Guppy Gran
$6.00 – Guppy Gran 100 ml/1.6 oz

sera Bettagran
$4.00 – Bettagran 50 ml/0.8 oz


sera Vipagran staple food consisting of carefully manufactured soft granules for all fish. When moist the slowly sinking granules quickly become soft without losing their shape, thus preventing water pollution. Due to the soft particle structure the balanced food is also suitable for fish with a very small mouth and narrow throat.

sera Vipagran Baby is a rearing food consisting of carefully manufactured soft micro-granules for all juvenile fish. Balanced with aquatic proteins, omega fatty acids, rich in algae carotenoids and trace elements, as well as with prebiotically active mannan oligosaccharides that support healthy growth, strong disease resistance as well as optimal development and color formation.

sera Guppy Gran is a herbal food consisting of carefully manufactured soft granules for all mainly herbivorous fish that eat in the middle water layers. The carefully selected ingredients such as Spirulina algae support healthy digestion and liveliness. The easily digestible composition rich in energy optimal fulfills the requirements of Guppies and other particularly active fish.

sera Bettagran is the easily digestible color food consisting of carefully manufactured fine granules for all fish that eat in the middle water layers, e.g. the splendid Bettas. Due to high quality ingredients such as Haematococcus algae, it supports color development in a directed and natural way and enhances disease resistance.
sera vipagran 10 L

sera Vipan large flakesera sansera flora

sera Vipan Staple Flake
$5.00 – 250 ml/2.1 oz
$15.00 – 1000 ml/7.4 oz
$16.00 – 1250 ml/8.5 oz
$75.00 – 10 L/4.4 lb

sera Vipan XL Flake
$15.00 – 1000 ml/7.4 oz
$139.00 – 20 L/8.8 lb


sera Premium Specialty Flakes

San Color Flake
$8.00 – 250 ml/2.1 oz
$20.00 – 1000 ml/7.4 oz
$85.00 – 10 L/4.4 lb

Flora Herbivore Flake
$8.00 – 250 ml/2.1 oz
$20.00 – 1000 ml/7.4 oz
$85.00 – 10 L/4.4 lb


sera Vipan is a universal staple food with carefully selected ingredients with prebiotic effect to enhance health and liveliness. Available as normal and large flake.

sera San is a nutritious food supporting color development in a directed and natural way with high quality ingredients such as Haematococcus algae.

sera Flora is an herbivore food with selected ingredients rich in dietary fiber or roughage, such as Spirulina algae, supporting healthy digestion and liveliness.

sera Vipan 20 L

sera Micron

sera Micron

$5.00 – 50 ml/0.6 oz

sera Micron is a fry food close to nature that even the smallest and most fastidious fry (fish and amphibian larvae, Artemia, shrimps, and others) in fresh and marine water like to eat. This finely powdered food optimally resembles natural plankton in its contents (50% Spirulina and 16% Krill) and structure (super-fine floating particles) and supports healthy growth, disease resistance, as well as optimal development and color formation.

sera Cichlid Stickssera granugreensera Cichlid Green XLsera granuredsera Cichlid Red XL

sera Premium Cichlid Foods

$20.00 – 1000 ml/7.4 oz Cichlid Sticks
$75.00 – 10 L/4.4 lb Cichlid Sticks
$9.00 – 250 ml/4.7 oz Granugreen
$20.00 – 1000 ml/1.2 lb oz Granugreen
$20.00 – 1000 ml/13 oz Cichlid Green XL
$9.00 – 250 ml/4.7 oz Granured
$20.00 – 1000 ml/1.2 lb oz Granured
$20.00 – 1000 ml/13 oz Cichlid Red XL


sera Cichlids Sticks are a staple food for bigger, omnivorous cichlids and other big fish. Due to the high amount of optimally digestible protein and valuable wheat germ as well as omega fatty acids, the floating sticks are particularly tasty and easily digestible. The balanced nutrition supports liveliness and healthy development.

sera Granugreen granules contain high quality Spirulina algae and spinach with natural carotenoids to support optimal color development. Perfect granules for smaller cichlids that mainly eat plants and periphyton, including many of the East African and Central American cichlid species.

sera Cichlid Green XL is for herbivorous bigger cichlids and other big fish that mainly eat plants and periphyton. The high percentage of Spirulina algae (10%) as well as spinach support optimal coloration as well as healthy digestion and general development due to their carotenoids, minerals, trace elements, and dietary fiber.

sera Granured granules are mainly for smaller carnivorous cichlids and omnivores. Due to its high protein amount and valuable fats, which are rich in omega fatty acids, as well as the high percentage of Krill (with many minerals, trace elements and carotenoids) the granules are particularly tasty,

sera Cichlid Red XL is color food for bigger mainly carnivorous cichlids and omnivores. Due to its high amount of protein and omega fatty acids from aquatic sources as well as Haematococcus algae rich in astaxanthin, the floating granules are particularly tasty, have an excellent digestibility, and support healthy development and coloration.

sera Cichlid Sticks 10 L

sera arowana

sera Arowana

$18.00 – 1000 ml/12.6 oz

sera Arowana are a carefully manufactured floating granules for big carnivorous fish such as Arowanas and big cichlids. The easily digestible food is particularly attractive due to its high percentage of aquatic proteins (40% fish). The meaty chunks are enthusiastically accepted by extremely picky predatory fish that otherwise prefer live food. The valuable natural carotenoids from Spirulina, Haematococcus, and Krill support optimal coloration. The floating granules keep their shape and do not pollute the water.