Historic Spiezer Zoo

This was the pet store I used to work for in the 1990s. Spiez is next to Lake Thun, about 25 miles south of Bern in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland. Peter & Liselotte Bircher – the owners – taught me much about fish, business sense, people skills, and foremost, friendly customer service. I will always remember the good old times when I was a member of the Spiezer Zoo Team. I took these pictures in September 2005 during a visit there. Unfortunately, the Spiezer Zoo closed its doors in 2012.

Spiezer Zoo 1

The entrance.

Spiezer Zoo 2

Peter’s pride – his show tank – nobody else touched it.

Spiezer Zoo 3

Part of the aquarium walls and plant system.

Spiezer Zoo 4

A picture from the other side.

Spiezer Zoo 5

A plant system really sells plants. If you take care of it!

Spiezer Zoo 6

This view makes people wanting to have a planted tank.

Spiezer Zoo 7

The supplies were neatly stacked, the Swiss are really – well, Swiss!

Spiezer Zoo 9

The fish dry goods section.

Spiezer Zoo 11

The bird and rodent room, everything very clean!

Spiezer Zoo 12

Tons of cat and dog food were stored in the basement.

Spiezer Zoo 13

The bird food cellar, careful management was required to keep feeds rotated.

Spiezer Zoo 14

Various small parts and products were stored in small drawer units.

Spiezer Zoo 15

Peter only sold what he would have wanted to buy himself. Sometimes you had to talk Peter into selling you a certain fish.

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