SwissTropicals Cubefilter

Simplicity that works and flexibility that covers various requirements!

The basic cubefilter is a simple internal filter that is air-driven: cubes of Poret® foam are glued with silicone onto a tile used as a base. In principle, you could use any stone or slate plate but silicone sticks better to a ceramic or porcelain tile since it has similar properties as glass. Using stone or slate proved disappointing because the silicone really does not stick to it long-term.

Cubefilters 3-inch

What makes our cubefilters the front runner are the highly efficient Jetlifter™ & Cubelifter™. Poret® is specifically manufactured for aquarium and pond use and has a very large inner surface (>2,200 in2 per 4″ cube in 30 PPI), which permits rapid and superior growth of microbial cultures.

SwissTropicals Cubefilter outlast any competition and don’t fall apart!

Model Filter volume Inflow area For tanks of*
3″ cube 0.42 L
(27 in3)
45 in2 2.5-10 gal
4″ cube 1.00 L
(64 in3)
80 in2 5-15 gal
5″ cube 1.95 L
(125 in3)
125 in2 15-30 gal
6″ cube 3.37 L
(216 in3)
180 in2 30-50 gal
10″ tall cube 5.62 L
(360 in3)
276 in2 50-75 gal

* general guideline.

Compare our Cubefilters to mainstream models

Model Filter volume
ATI Hydro I 0.33 L (19 in3)
ATI Hydro II 0.32 L (19 in3)
ATI Hydro III 0.65 L (38 in3)
ATI Hydro IV 1.08 L (63 in3)
ATI Hydro V 1.61 L (93 in3)

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