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We are heading to Germany and Florida during most of May for Interzoo and the AKA/ALA convention. No shipping May 1-24, 2024. I will try to ship some orders May 13/14 after Interzoo but all other orders placed during that period ship ASAP after my return.

Thanks for your patience!

As of January 1, 2021 new import regulations by the UK for VAT registration means that we no longer ship to the United Kingdom. The administrative burden for small businesses to collect, account, and then file and pay such taxes are simply too onerous.

My schedule for 2024

Interzoo, Nuremberg, Germany, May 7-10, 2024

AKA/ALA Convention, Tampa FL, May 16-20, 2024

ACA Convention, Cincinnati, OH, Jul 25-28, 2024

Catfish Convention, Burlington, VT, Nov 1-3, 2024

OCA Extravaganza, Strongsville OH, Nov 20-24, 2024


We support selected website such as PlanetCatfish or projects such as C.A.R.E.S and PlanetXingu. Sponsoring of events is limited to events that we attend. Unfortunately, that is the only way to be fair given the 3-4 donation requests that we receive every week. Thanks for understanding.

Happy Fishkeeping, Stephan

We continuously develop new products in-house and test them in our hatchery before release

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