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I am off to ACA in CT July 15-25, no shipping during this time. As always, I ship promptly upon my return. Thanks for your patience!

My schedule for 2019

ACA July 17-21 Cromwell CT
Catfish Cataclysm Sep 13-15 Madison WI
L-Number Days Oct 11-13, Hanover Germany
WetSpot Anniversary Oct 18-20 Portland OR
OCA Nov 22-24 Strongsville OH


We support selected website such as PlanetCatfish or projects such as C.A.R.E.S and PlanetXingu. Sponsoring of events is limited to events that we attend. Unfortunately, that is the only way to be fair given the 3-4 donation requests that we receive every week. Thanks for understanding.

Happy Fishkeeping, Stephan

We continuously develop new products in-house and test them in our hatchery before release

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