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Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza is a YES, my car has a replacement engine and we are good to travel again, trailer and all!

Of course that means No shipping Nov 16-24, 2022. Thanks for your patience!

I hope to see everyone at OCA in a couple of weeks!

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FreshwaterFlakes 5.3oz

Freshwater Flake

$15.00 – 5.3 oz


This delicious recipe of fresh coldwater seafood is blended specifically to enhance the levels of Omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 6 fatty acids are extremely valuable to freshwater species for a strong immune system and cell wall development. Low ash and higher quality proteins mean less pollution in the tank.

CichlidFlakes 5.3oz

Cichlid Flake

$15.00 – 5.3 oz


Due to their opportunistic feeding habits, cichlids require a broad scope of animal proteins and vegetable matter in their diet. Omega One Cichlid Flakes were specially formulated to address these needs, offering the ideal balance of fresh seafood, ocean kelp, and spirulina.

SuperColorFlakes 5_3oz

Super Color Flake

$17.00 – 5.3 oz


Loaded with natural color enhancers such as salmon skin that contains beta-carotenes, which once consumed, transfer nearly at a 100% rate to the skin of ornamental fish. No food is more effective in bringing out the natural brilliance of fish.

SuperKelpFlakes 5.3oz

Super Kelp Flake

$17.00 – 5.3 oz


We make these flakes, we start by harvesting fresh ocean kelp by hand from the Gulf of Alaska. It is then combined with an incredibly nutritious mix of fresh seafood, including wild salmon, halibut, and shrimp. Perfect for all veggie eaters and especially rich in vitamins and minerals.

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