These individuals, companies, and researchers (in no specific order) take advantage of the quality of our products, which save them valuable time and money. We are proud to have them as our clients.

Eric Bodrock & Regina SpottiAll Oddball Aquatics, Monongahela, PA

Steve Lundblad & Marcie RiveraThe Cichlid Exchange and the wet spot, Portland, OR

Michi Tobler, PhD, Tobler Lab, Kansas State University, KS

Hugh H., Erie, PA. “Stephan, I just wanted to thank you for your service. I recently bought some Poret foam and have put it in my bare 15’s and it seems to be doing very well. I am especially pleased with the Jetlifters. They really move an amazing amount of water. I was going to make my own, but I am sure I wouldn’t get the volume. You have a great product. I will be ordering more in the future as my fish room starts to grow a little. Thanks for your time and patience with my questions. It was never a question of price with me, just value and I think it was worth it.”

Gil Rosenthal, PhD, Department of Biology, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX. “Your foam is a lifesaver!”

James W, Verona, WI. “I setup a 10, 20, 30 ppi Poret sump in the horizontal orientation as suggested by Stephan. It has not needed cleaning in 5+ years, it sheds mulm that settles and I periodically vacuum that out when I do a water change. It is a wonderful, simple, and maintenance-free filter.”

Hans & JoanneDiscus Hans USA, Baltimore, MD

Frank Greco, Frank’s Aquarium in Lindenhurst, NY. “Installing the Poret® filters was the best thing I could have done for my business! Within a day there was a great improvement in water clarity, and the time I spend on maintenance has been reduced dramatically. In tanks where I am using the Hamburg Mattenfilter (HMF), detritus collects behind the sponge, making it easy to remove. And the cube filters are just easy: a quick squeeze or two in a bucket of tank water and they are back in action. These sponges have been in use for over four years, and I have not noticed any degradation of the foam material, unlike with some of the other sponges I’ve used in the past.”

Spencer Jack, The aFISHionados, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Eddie MartinBluegrass Aquatics, Louisville, KY

Jeff Michels, Aquatic Clarity, Mequon, WI

Julian (Jools) DignallPlanet Catfish, United Kingdom

Ian Fuller,, United Kingdom

Mike Hellweg, Exotic Aquatics, St Louis, MO; TFH Breeder’s Challenge “I’m honored to be included. I have a blog post on TFH’s website about your filters, too.”

Ted JudyTed’s Fishroom, Madison, WI; TFH Breeder’s Challenge

Jon Carman, Rift Valley Exotics, Mt. Juliet, TN; “I hooked up your cube filters last night, and wished I had never wasted my money on other sponge filters.”

Wayne Toven, OH – Rich Serva, OH – Gary W. Lange, MO – Rusty Wessel, KY – Dan Woodland, OH – Charley Grimes, IN – Jim Graham, MI – Joe Fleckenstein, IN

and many, many others!

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