sera® Quickfilter

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Quickfilter for connecting to pumps or external filters.

sera external Quickfilter
$49.00 – sera PrefiX Filter

The sera PrefiX Filter enhances the filter volume of a connected filter by up to 1.6 liters (0.4 US gal.) with two filter baskets. The motor-less filter is suitable as a pre- or quickfilter against pollution or cloudiness, or as a biofilter for expanding the filter capacity of small external filters. The filter can be connected to a pump or an external filter with a hose 16/22 mm. Connecting several PrefiX filter in series is also possible. For fine grained filter media, filter media bags are recommended.

sera Quickfilter L60sera Quickfilter L150
Air-driven internal Quickfilter
These air operated internal filters work with an airpump. The nitrifying bacteria for pollutant breakdown settle inside the foam. These filters are ideal for rearing larvae and juvenile fish. Made in Europe.

Quickfilter L60 for 10-20 gal
Quickfilter L150 for 20-30 gal
Quickfilter L300 for 30-40 gal

sera internal Quickfilter
$12.00 – Quickfilter L60
$19.00 – Quickfilter L150
$24.00 – Quickfilter L300


sera Quickfilter L300

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