Tower Block Filters (TBF)™

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The Tower Block Filters (TBFs)™ are a combination of three simple and long-lasting parts:

  • Poret® foam block forms the core of this filter.
  • Jetlifters™ provide efficient and powerful flow.
  • Filterbase made of stainless steel alloy 304 with a standard 2B finish.

The larger TBFs™ are huge, essentially super-sized Cubefilters! The largest standard TBF™ (LxWxH = 13x5x19″ with three 12″ Jetlifters) has a volume of over 20 L/5.3 gal and can move 300-400 gal/h! Compare that to the active filter volume of the largest canister filters or sumps that cost hundreds of dollars.

Rivaling the Mattenfilters in terms of volume and intake surface, the TBFs™ are ready for immediate use without modifying the tank first to install a sheet. Hence, they are ideal for filtration of existing tanks. Compared to the Cubefilters, they offer the convenience of removing the Filterbase for rinsing.

Tower Block FiltersThe TBFs come in 20 PPI black for messy or larger fish over 3-4″ such as cichlids or plecos or in 30 PPI black foam which offers more internal surface.

Square Tower Block Filter TBFs™ (LxWxH)
$17.00 – 4x4x4″/1xJetlifter™ sm
$19.00 – 4x4x8″/1xJetlifter™ sm
$39.00 – 5x5x10″/1xJetlifter™ 8″
$42.00 – 5x5x13″/1xJetlifter™ 8″
$45.00 – 6x6x10″/1xJetlifter™ 8″
$56.00 – 6x6x19″/1xJetlifter™ 8″


Rectangular Tower Block Filter TBFs™ (LxWxH)
$59.00 – 8x5x13″/2xJetlifters™ md
$79.00 – 8x5x19″/2xJetlifters™ 8″
$73.00 – 10x5x13″/2xJetlifters™ 8″
$89.00 – 10x5x19″/2xJetlifters™12″
$99.00 – 13x5x13″/3xJetlifters™ 8″
$119.00 – 13x5x19″/3xJetlifters™12″


FilterbasesThese Filterbases are made right here in Minnesota by a small local company exclusively for SwissTropicals. Laser-cut from stainless steel alloy 304 with a standard 2B finish and then machined to hold the massive Poret® foam blocks securely to the ground. Check out the 3-D image. For those who prefer to make their own TBFs, order these together with the blocks below or with 5″ Poret foam sheets.

$12.00 – Filterbase 4×4″ (FB4x4)
$20.00 – Filterbase 6×5″ (FB6x5)
$29.00 – Filterbase 9×5″ (FB9x5)
$39.00 – Filterbase 12×5″ (FB12x5)

Filterbase size

Foam blocks 5-inch

5″ Filter Blocks (LxWxH)
$20.00 – 5x5x13″
$25.00 – 5x5x19″
$25.00 – 8x5x13″
$36.00 – 8x5x19″
$30.00 – 10x5x13″
$46.00 – 10x5x19″
$40.00 – 13x5x13″
$60.00 – 13x5x19″

Available in 10 PPI blue, 10 PPI black, 20 PPI black, and 30 PPI black. Note: they have no holes! Goto bored Poret® cartridges


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