SwissTropicals Cornerfilter

CornerfilterThe Cornerfilter is a sleek version of the Mattenfilter. Instead of a straight foam sheet, the filter is built into a corner to improve the look, especially for aquariums in the living room. Using glass braces has proven the best solution for a glass tank. Plexiglas, acrylic, plastic, or metal strips do not work well because no glue bonds to these materials and glass at the same time.Cornerfilter layout

Long term exposure to water will weaken the bond between the braces and the silicone, even for aluminum, which I have tested for 6 years. Do not underestimate the pressure of a bent or squeezed Poret® foam sheet. When a brace fails, the tank has to be completely drained for reinstallation, which is rather painful. Check out the Cornerfilter layout as a pdf.


Cornerfilter small with braceCornerfilter medium with brace


Halfmoonfilter layoutThe Halfmoonfilter is the Rolls Royce of the Mattenfilter. Instead of a straight or corner foam sheet, the filter is built onto the back of the tank. Ideal for show tanks that are viewed from three sides, especially for show tanks in the living room. No hoses, sumps, overflows, bulkheads or similar to worry about leaking. Simply glue in a pane of glass (¼”) from the hardware store. I can supply the glass braces, Poret® foam, and Jetlifters™. Two hours of work later, you will be pleased to have a Halfmoonfilter taking care of your fish. All the benefits of a Mattenfilter built into the back of your show tank.

Check out the Halfmoonfilter layout as a pdf.

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