SwissTropicals Jetlifter & Cubelifter

The Jetlifter ™ and Cubelifter ™ are made by our partner Beck & Harich Aquarientechnik in Dürrwangen, Germany. SwissTropicals is the exclusive North American distributor. Based on the original Czech air lifters that used rubber O-rings and outer sleeve, these German designed lift tubes are the most efficient lift tubes on the market. Truly ingenious and simple, your fish will love them!

Extremely high performance

Superlifters XL
The resulting water to air volume is ~4:1.
Jetlifter™ small 16 mm:
45-55 gal/h or 180-220 L/h water with 40-50 L/h air supplied.
Jetlifter™ medium 20 mm:
75-125 gal/h or 300-500 L/h water with 80-120 L/h air supplied.
Jetlifter™ large 25 mm:
185-210 gal/h or 700-800 L/h water with 180-200 L/h air supplied.
Superlifter™ X-large 32 mm:
400-500 gal/h or 1500-2000 L/h water with 400-500 L/h air supplied through two airlines.

The actual flow rate depends on air pump, air pressure and airlifter length, and plumbing setup such as valves, looping, distribution lines and airline length.

FeaturesJetlifters & cubelifters new

  • Silent air-driven lift tubes.
  • Create flow in the aquarium.
  • Parts can be easily disassembled for cleaning.
  • Just 4 parts, no O-rings or glued airline nipples.
  • More energy efficient than powerfilters.
  • More cost effective than pumps.
  • Essentially unlimited lifespan.



  • Depending on water hardness, the injector and holes may require cleaning a couple of times a year.

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